Jayesh Madhoo was born in South Africa. He was trained in the arts from a very early age, as an Indian classical musician, and artist. But his love for graphical art acted as a catalyst in pursuing Photography at the young age of 14. Being surrounded by well known artists and photographers from the academic and journalistic world, he soon embraced their aid of mentorship and guidance; and grew to become a uniquely talented photographer.

In Bali, Jayesh continues to pursue his passion for people with the rich culture of the Balinese Hindu people, but also a career as a commercial photographer specializing in product shoots, related product lifestyle; with special attention to Jewellery & artwork. In addition to personal portraiture he has also successfully exhibited in Singapore and produced private collections in Melbourne. In addition to the exhibitions, Jayesh has also been published in many South East Asian food magazines, and some speciality lifestyle books.

Through the photography of Jayesh, we discover the contrast in him; creating balance and exposing another side entirely... inviting us to discover his subject with textures and colours which is sensitively introduces. Through his lens, we rediscover the richness of the world around us...