Nathoo Madhoo - Lalloo Dajee Genealogy Project



“…It is indeed a desirable thing to be well-descended,

but the glory belongs to our ancestors.”



Join me on this journey of discovery, as I try to figure out we are…


There have been many influencing factors that have brought me to this point, but the primary reason to embark on this project is that I am ignorant of the people that have shaped me, through their influences in my ancestors, and in the moulding of my very being, through genetics.


As a adolescent, I shunned the volumes of knowledge strewn on my direction whiles in the midst of finding my individuality, little realising that the conversations with mother, father, grandparents would prove to be what I was in actual search for. Armed with that knowledge, I would have been able to independently discover myself.


With you participation and collaboration, I hope to provide you, your families, your children, and your grandchildren with a structured view and historical account of our heritage. Please, do fill in some personal data for me to include into your family tree, and all of us will benefit…